Children of the RMS Titanic–A World Exclusive Starting March 2023

PIGEON FORGE, Tennessee–December 2022–“There were 135 children on board Titanic, with ages ranging from 9 weeks to 15 years, each with a story to tell. This is our mission for 2023, to
shine a light on their young lives, to speak their
names, and to honor their legacy.

The iconic image of the children’s shoes serves to capture
the spirit of this major event and prepare our
guests for a powerful new look into Titanic’s
final days though the eyes of children,” Kellogg Joslyn says.

Life begins with baby steps, innocents at sea,
each pair of shoes were on a path lined with
hope, courage and resilience.

The Titanic Museum Attraction opens daily at 9 a.m. Reservations are required and can be made online at or by phone at 800-381-7670.


Titanic Museum Attractions: Cedar Bay Entertainment, LLC, a privately owned and operated entertainment and development company, owns and operates the Titanic Museum Attractions in
Branson, MO (2006) and Pigeon Forge, TN (2010).